Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Thank U?
    Thank U is a rewards program that spans South Africa’s biggest brands, including Edgars and Jet. It rewards customers for their purchases with Thank U Points, which can be spent against later purchases at these stores.
  • What will my personal details be used for?
    We want you to always be in the know when it comes to the multitude of on-going Thank U benefits and promotions available to you. It is also extremely important to have your contact details should you win a prize. By giving us your most recent personal details, we can make sure that you never miss out.

Unable to Register or Log In

  • I receive an error message when trying to register
    Confirm that the card number that appears on the back of your Thank U Card, is exactly the same as the card number you typed in to register on website. Don’t use any spaces or the last three digits, which are your CVV number.  
    Ensure that the cellphone number you use to register, is the same as the cellphone number you used when you applied for your Thank U Card. If your cellphone number has changed, simply call our Customer Service Centre at 0800 203 925 to update. This will take up to a maximum of 24 hours to update and thereafter, you may register with ease.
  • E-mail address has changed
    When you register on the Thank U website, you will need your Thank U Card as well as your cellphone number. When you login, you will need your e-mail address and your password. If your e-mail address has changed, select ‘forgot your username’ on the LOG IN page.      
  • I’m unable to login
    You need to register before you’re able to login. To register, simply click the LOG IN button on the top right hand side on the Thank U website and below the LOG IN button, click on register here.
  • I’ve forgot my username and | or password
    If you have registered but have forgotten your username or password, click on the forgot username or forgot password on the LOG IN page. You will need the same Thank U Card number and cellphone number that you used to register.
  • How long does it take for my Thank U points to reflect?
    It takes approximately three working days for your Thank U Points to reflect on your Thank U Card.  

Earning Points

  • How do you earn Thank U Points?
    There are now more ways to earn Thank U points.
    1. Simply hand your Thank U Card to the cashier at the till point when you make purchases and the cashier will swipe your card. You get 10 points for every R1 you spend. After each purchase, your new Thank U Points will be allocated to your Thank U Card within 3 working days.
    2. You now earn 10 Thank U points for every R1 you spend at our partners when paying with your Thank U account card.
    3. Effective 1 August 2019, you will earn 100 Thank U points per litre of fuel filled at any  Engen  1-Plus or 1-Stop Sites.
  • How much are my Thank U Points worth?
    10 000 Thank U Points are worth R10.00.
  • Can I earn Thank U Points on Online Shopping?
    Yes, you can.
  • Can I earn Thank U Points on airtime?
    No, you will not earn Thank U Points on gift card purchases, gift card top-ups, airtime, cigarettes, baby formula, insurance products, payments for third party services – including but not limited to – utility bills and purchase of lottery tickets (unless otherwise stipulated).
  • Is there anything on which I won’t earn Thank U Points?
    Certain products and channels are excluded from earning Thank U Points and Edcon may amend these products or channels from time to time at their discretion. For example, you will not earn Thank U Points on gift card purchases, gift card top-ups, insurance products, payments of third-party services – including but not limited to – utility bills and purchase of lottery tickets (unless otherwise stipulated). However, Thank U Points can be earned in respect of some of our in-store concession brands, but not in respect of all. To avoid disappointment, please enquire with our sales staff.
  • Can I earn Thank U Points at all Edcon stores?
    Yes, you’ll earn Thank U Points whenever you shop at any participating Thank U Store in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland, except Edcon Limitada (Mozambique). Participating stores include: Edgars and Jet.  
  • When can I spend my Thank U Points?
    As soon as you start earning them.
  • Do I get Thank U Points on the total of my purchases including the VAT amount?
    Yes, you do. Thank U Points are calculated on the total value of your purchase after discounts and include the VAT amount.
  • Is there a way I can rather convert my Thank U Points to physical cash?
    No, it is not possible. Your points are as good as cash because you can use them to pay towards your purchases at any participating Thank U Stores.
  • Where can I check my Thank U Points balance?
    You can check your Thank U Points balance on the bottom of your till slip, by visiting your nearest store or by creating a profile on the website. You can now also download the My thank U app from your app store for an easy convenient way to check your points balance.
  • How do I earn Thank U Points other than at your stores?
    You can now earn Thank U points when paying with your account card at our partners, visit the Thank U Partner’s page to see all our partners. Effective 1 August 2019 you will be able to earn 100 Thank U points per litre of fuel filled at an Engen 1-Plus or 1-Stop sites.
  • How will I know that my recent purchase at any of the participating Thank U Stores earned me Thank U Points?
    You will see the following line on the bottom of your till slip indicating that your purchases have been registered and will reflect on your Thank U Account within 3 working days of purchase: Thank U card # ************0170
  • I forgot to take my Thank U Card along with me when I shopped. Can I still get my Thank U Points?
    Unfortunately, no Thank U Card, no Thank U Points. We can’t award Thank U Points afterwards, so always remember to swipe your card at the till point.  
  • What is the difference between Join, Login & Register for the Website?
    Join – this will take you to a form where you may apply for the Thank U program. Login – takes you to a page allowing you to fill in your username and password and access the site and your personalised deals. Register for the Website – Once you’ve successfully applied for the Thank U program you need to register for the website in order for us to link your card and Thank U profile with the website and provide you with relevant and timely deals, your points updates and latest news from Thank U
  • What other instant rewards do I receive?
    Keep an eye out for exclusive discounts and promotions for Thank u cardholders. These discounts and offers will only be applicable to Thank U cardholders when making a purchase. So make sure your get your Thank U card to be eligible for these awesome offers.
  • How do I earn points at Engen?
    You simply need to give your thank U card to the pump attendant at a participating Engen 1-Plus or 1-Stop service station before paying for fuel. You then pay for your fuel and the transaction is complete. You will earn 100 points per litre of petrol or diesel filled. Thank U points then take up to 3 days to reflect on your thank U card.
  • Can I pay using my thank U account card at Engen?
    You cannot pay for fuel with your Thank U account card or staff card
  • Can I use my thank U points for fuel at Engen?
  • No, you can only earn thank U points at Engen, but cannot spend points at Engen.
  • Do I get my points immediately after swiping at Engen?
    Thank U points take up to 3 days to be allocated. To check your balance, you can login or register on, visit one of our stores or call us on 0800 203 925
  • Which Engen sites can I earn thank U points at?
    Only Engen 1-Plus and 1-Stop are participating. Please ask the friendly staff at Engen if that station is participating. Alternatively visit to locate your nearest Engen 1-Plus or 1-Stop Service Station
  • Will I see my points on the fuel slip?
    Thanks U points take up to 3 days to be allocated and will not reflect on your fuel receipt. To check your balance you can login or register on, visit one of our stores or call us on 0800 203 925