Thank U + School-Days® C.N.A Back to School Promotion Terms and Conditions

  • Background
    1. Thank U and School-Days have joined forces to present their members with exclusive Back to School offers at CNA.
    2. The offers are exclusive to customers who are members of both School-Days and Thank U. 
  • The offers
    1. Purchases on stationery between R250 and R499 will qualify for a R25 contribution towards a member’s School-Days bursary.
    2. Purchases on stationery above R500 will earn a member a R50 contribution for his/her School-Days bursary.
    3. Over and above contributions that will be made to bursaries, members will also earn their Thank U points in line with the rules of the programme, as highlighted in the next section. 
  • Earning Thank U points
    1. Thank U Points are earned for purchases of all-inclusive products.
    2. To earn Thank U Points at any Participating Store, you must hand your Thank U Rewards Card to the cashier at the till point before you pay for your purchases.
    3. If a Thank U Rewards Card is not presented at the time of purchase, no Thank U Points will be earned for that purchase. Thank U Points lost or forfeited due to ‘card not present’ cannot be claimed retrospectively.
    4. The following specific conditions apply to on-line offers:a. You need to click on the “activate” button if you wish for the Thank U Points to be allocated to your account and purchase the selected product.
  1. If you click the “activate” button but don’t purchase the product, the Thank U Points will not be allocated.
  2. If you purchase the product but you have not clicked the “activate” button, the Thank U Points will not be allocated.
  3. You must go into a Participating Store and purchase the product on offer before the Thank U Points can be allocated to your account.
  4. If the product is returned, the Thank U Points will be reversed.
  5. Certain products and channels are exempt from earning Thank U Points and the Edcon Group may amend these products or channels from time to time at their discretion.
    1. You will not earn Thank U Points on gift card purchases, gift card top-ups, airtime, cigarettes, baby formula, insurance products, payments for third party services – including but not limited to – utility bills and purchase of lottery tickets (unless otherwise stipulated).
    2. Base Thank U Points are earned on all-inclusive products at a rate of 10 (ten) Thank U Points per net SA Rand* spent. This applies for all tender types (cash, account, debit card, credit card, Gift card, cheque, charge card – Amex and Diners). (*NOTE: Or Namibian dollar/ Emalangeni /Loti).
    3. Thank U Points will be reflected on your Thank U Rewards Account within 3 (three) working days of your purchase or 3 (three) working days after the offer expires.
    4. Customer may check their Loyalty Points balances in-store at the point-of-sale terminals, Customer Service desks, on Thank U Account statements and online at Or My Thank U app.
    5. In the event that we are unable to allocate Thank U Points to your Thank U Rewards Card due to system errors or downtime, please retain your proof of purchase so that these Loyalty Points can be allocated to you at a later stage. Please note that we will be unable to allocate these Loyalty Points at a later stage if you do not produce a valid proof of purchase
  • Promotion dates
    1. This promotion will run from the 2nd of December 2019 till the 26th of January 2020.
  • Qualifying for the offer
    1. The customer has to be a member of both Thank U and School-Days.
    2. If a customer is a Thank U member but not a School-Days member, they would need to go to and click on ‘Join today’, or join by downloading the School-Days app at
    3. If a customer is not a member of any of the programmes, they can sign up for Thank U in CNA stores nationwide and follow the process described in 5.2 to join School-Days.
  • What is School-Days?
    1. School-Days is a programme that helps its members accumulate funds to build a bursary from various tools, including but not limited to loyalty points.
    2. A School-Days account is the account of a member held on the TrustEd Bursaries (Pty) Ltd system, which reflects the number of School-Days a member has and the size of his or her TrustEd bursary according to the terms and conditions of the programme.
  • Basis of engagement with School-Days
    1. You will be recognised as a member of School-Days, by TrustEd Bursaries, when you have accepted the terms and conditions of the programme, when your name has been registered in the School-Days Database and a unique member number has been allocated to you and confirmation has been sent to you as described below.
    2. You will be made aware of your registration and membership by way of an SMS or e-mail. The communication will confirm your registration and unique member number.
    3. As a member of School-Days you will receive a login ID and password to access your School-Days account online – either through the standard website, or through your mobile phone.
    4. All aspects of this promotion concerning School-Days and the offer to members will be subject to the general terms and conditions of the School-Days programme.
  • When will the money be credited to my School-Days bursary account?
    1. School Days bursary accounts will only be credited after the end of the promotion in January, following the data matching process. This process will take up to four weeks following the end of the promotion.
  • Entry into the School-Days Win 200 Days Competition
    1. School-Days members who swipe their Thank U cards when paying for purchases at CNA from the 1st of December 2019 to the 31st of December 2019 will be entered into the School-Days ‘Win 200 days of school’ competition (as per School-Days members and Thank U card holders will receive one entry into the competition described in the above link, for every transaction conducted at CNA from 1st December 2019 to 31st December 2019.
    2. Customers need to be a Thank U card holder and School-Days member to qualify for an entry into the draw.
  • Which products are classified as Stationery?
    1. General stationery: Adhesives, Calculators, Correctors, Envelopes, Erasers, Labelling, Packaging, Rulers, Stencils and Maths sets, School consumables, Scissors, Sharpeners, Staplers and Punches, Sticky notes and Page markers, Stationery packs
    2. Bags and Cases: Lunch boxes and Bottles, Pencil cases and School bags
    3. Writing instruments: Disposable pens, Markers and Highlighters, Pencils, Refillable pens, Stamps and Inks
    4. Calendars, Diaries and Organisers
    5. School Books: Exam pads, Hardcover, Softcover
    6. Paper
    7. Files and Filing Accessories
    8. Arts and Crafts: Art Supplies, Children’s Crafts and Scrapbooking
  • What happens if I spend R500 twice on the relevant products?
  • Customers are only allowed to swipe once to qualify for the various concessions. If a customer spends R500 twice on stationery, he/she will only get R50 credited to School-Days.
  • What happens if I eventually spend R250 on stationery at CNA after a couple of shopping trips?
  • Customers are only allowed to swipe once to qualify for the various concessions. Customers who reach the R250 threshold after a couple of shopping trips won’t qualify for the benefit.