Thank U Monthly Draw – Competition Terms and Conditions

1. General

  1. By entering the competition entrants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. The Thank U Rewards Programme (“Thank U”) is operated by Edcon Limited (“Edcon”) or its foreign subsidiaries in the respective countries.
  3. The relevant foreign participating Edcon subsidiaries are Edgars Stores Lesotho (Proprietary) Limited, Edgars Stores (Namibia) Limited, Edgars Stores Swaziland Limited, Jetcon Mart Ghana (Pty) Limited, Jet Supermarkets Zambia Limited and Jet Supermarkets Botswana (Proprietary) Limited. Together with Edcon, they constitute the Edcon Group.
  4. Thank U (“the Promoter”) is conducting this promotional competition (“the Competition”).
  5. This competition is open to all Thank U members of the Edcon Group (save where members in a specific territory have been specifically excluded for certain prizes), who are 18 years or older, except the employees, directors, members, partners, agents or consultants of the Edcon Group, its subsidiaries and their respective advertising and promotional agencies, media and PR agencies, as well as the immediate family members, consultants, directors and associates of such organizations and persons.
  6. Subject to additional requirements below, to qualify for the draw and stand a chance of winning one of the various prizes listed in clause 3 (three) below, you must be a Thank U member, have a valid cellphone or telephone number, be up to date with your Edcon Account instalments and Club premiums at the time of the draw.
  7. The Thank U Competition will run from the 26th September 2017 and end on the 28th February 2018. No late entries will be accepted.
  8. Thank U will conduct a monthly random draw for qualifying entries and entries between 26 September 2017 to 30 September 2017 will be included in the draw for October 2017.
  9. Each draw will then take place by the 5th (fifth) working day of each month for the previous month’s entries. For example, if you received an entry on the 1 October, you will be entered into October’s draw which will take place by 5th working day in November.
  10. An entry is only eligible to win 1 (one) prize per monthly draw and specific additional rules may apply for specific prizes. Thank U reserves the right to withhold the prize until it is satisfied that the claim is valid.
  11. All winners will be required to produce their Thank U card with a valid card number and acceptable proof of identity in the territory to qualify as a winner.
  12. Save for the Bursary Prize which may be transferred, the prize cannot be exchanged for its cash value or transferred. The prize excludes any other expenses incurred by the entrant when participating in this competition.
  13. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  14. Thank U will make all reasonable attempts to contact the winner or winners on the telephone or cellphone number provided by the winner. Thank U will attempt to contact the winner at least 3 (three) times during 3 (three) day period from the date of the draw, but if any winner cannot be contacted within 3 (three) days from the date of the relevant draw, then Thank U reserves the right to draw a new winner. The same contact process will be followed for each winner until a winner has been found.
  15. It is the entrants’ responsibility to provide the correct contact details.
  16. Thank U assumes no liability whatsoever for any entry that has been omitted from participation in the Competition for any reason whatsoever.
  17. Winners are required to complete a prize acceptance form and the personal information that is collected in the process will be shared with the respective third party appointed by Thank U to assist in the delivery or issuing of prizes to winners. Winners are then provided 7 working days to respond with the relevant documents in order to finalise and issue the prize.
  18. A copy of these rules can be found on the following website throughout the period of the competition or can be obtained from the Thank U Call Centre on telephone number 0800 203 925 (RSA only).
  19. Thank U and its agents, associated companies, nor any directors, officers or employees of such, shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, consequential or otherwise arising from any cause whatsoever, which may be suffered by a participant resulting from the participation in this competition or the use of any prize.
  20. Thank U reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition and any prizes (which have not been subject to a draw), or any aspect thereof, or the terms and conditions at any time prior to the draw date, and for any reason, with notice on its website
  21. Winners’ names may be published on and other media properties, only with the prior express permission of the winner.
  22. If a prize is won on a secondary Thank U card, the prize will be issued to the primary Thank U card holder.
  23. Edcon reserves the right to disqualify any entry which is discovered to have been fraudulently obtained.

2. Entries to the monthly draw

  1. Entries into the monthly draw are awarded based on purchases made at a participating Edcon Group stores* with a valid Thank U card. Online purchases from the above stores will also be eligible for the draw.
  2. Each Thank U member will receive 1 (one) automatic entry into a qualifying draw when there is a purchase value of up to R100 on the primary or secondary Thank U card and will receive 1 (one) additional automatic entry for every additional R100 spent on that purchase.
  3. Each entry will qualify for an automatic entry into the qualifying monthly draw for the month in which the transaction took place e.g. all qualifying entries gained between the 1st and last day of each month will be entered for that month’s draw.
  4. Each draw will then take place by the 5th (fifth) working day of each month for the previous month’s entries. For example, if you received an entry on the 1st October, you will be entered into October’s draw which will take place by the fifth working day in November.
  5. Cancelled or refunded purchase transactions shall be disqualified and do not constitute a valid entry into the draw. Purchase of subscription based products will not receive entries into the draw.
  6. From time to time and at its discretion, Edcon may award bonus entries for certain campaigns.

3. Monthly Prizes

  • First Prize
  • Second Prize
  • Third Prize
  • Fourth Prize
  • Fifth Prize
  • Sixth Prize
  • Seventh Prize
  • Eighth Prize
1 X R1 million** cash prize
2 X Cars valued at R140 000 each
10 X R15 000** Student Bursaries each
2 X R25 000 Holiday Vouchers each
25 X Cellphones or other devices valued @ R6000 each
800 X R250** Edcon Shopping Vouchers
1200 X R100 Airtime vouchers
10 X Edcon Account balance clearances
Edcon Group
Edcon Limited
Edcon Group
Edcon Limited
Edcon Limited
Edcon Group
Edcon Limited
Edcon Group

4. Additional rules for the Million Rand Prize

  1. The winner of the R1 million** cash prize, in addition to the general and entry requirements stated above, shall provide proof of banking details by way of a stamped bank letter/statement.
  2. The winner of the R1 million** cash prize will have the prize money deposited into his nominated and validated bank account via EFT. Payment will be made only once Edcon is fully satisfied that all requirements have been complied with.
  3. The prize money shall be allocated to a single winner and is not shared.

5. Additional rules for the Car Prize

  1. Participants are not required to have a valid driver’s license to win a prize, but a prize may only be collected by the winner’s nominated representative who is in possession of a valid driver’s license at the time of collection of such prize.
  2. It is advised that vehicle insurance is taken on the vehicle prior to collection of the vehicle.
  3. Thank U shall solely determine the specifications and colour of the vehicles to be won and Thank U’s decision is final.
  4. The cost of initial licensing and registration will be covered as part of the prize. However on-going licensing and registration fees after collection is excluded.
  5. The cost for collection, fuel, running cost, repairing, maintaining and insurance of the Car Prize prior or after the winner has claimed the prize is excluded.
  6. Thank U shall not be liable for, including but not limited to, manufacturing faults, recalls, damage, loss or death arising from any vehicle once handed over to a winner.
  7. Further, the winner of the Car Prize indemnifies Thank U against any claim brought against Thank U or any of their affiliates in the event of any personal injury or loss suffered as a result of the use of the car.

6. Additional rules for the Bursary Prize

  1. The Bursary Prize shall be for course/subject fees for full time, part time or correspondence study, and excludes additional study material, textbooks, external examination fees, stationery, travel and accommodation.
  2. The winner of the bursary prize, in addition to the general and entry requirements listed above, is required to provide proof of student registration with a recognised and registered institution with the South African Department of Education or respective education governing body in your territory.
  3. The Winner’s Bursary payments will be made strictly to the institutions bank account where he/she is registered as a student.
  4. Only a single payment for the full bursary value, as won, will be paid to the institution
  5. Thank U shall not be liable or held responsible for any late payments due to any unforeseen reasons which may or may not impact the student’s standing at the institution. Thank U will attempt to pay the bursary within a reasonable period once all governance procedures have been followed.
  6. The bursary can only be allocated to a single student account and cannot be allocated to multiple student accounts.
  7. Should a winner select a course with tuition fees in excess of the bursary amount, the winner will be liable for the difference.
  8. If the cost of fees is less than the amount allocated to the winner, no refunds will be provided for the balance.
  9. The bursary may be transferred to the winner’s nominated beneficiary provided that all other requirements are met in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  10. Commencement of and use of the bursary must be within the validity period of the bursary letter, which is one (1) year from date of winning the prize.
  11. Should you fail to redeem the bursary within 12 months of winning, the bursary will be forfeited.

7. Additional rules for the Holidays Voucher Prize

  1. The prize must be claimed and travel completed within 12 (twelve) months from the date when the prize was won. Black-out dates and restrictions may apply. Dates will be set and communicated upon notification.
  2. Once Vouchers have been allocated to a winner, it is the winner’s responsibility to contact the appointed travel agent to make the relevant bookings and to ensure that all relevant travel arrangements are made directly with the appointed travel agent.
  3. Vouchers may be used at the discretion of the winner to build a respective holiday package with the appointed travel agent up to the value of the voucher.
  4. Vouchers can be used to book flights, accommodation and any other relevant product offered by the appointed travel agent. Vouchers cannot be used as spending money or any other travel requirement outside of what is offered by the travel agent.
  5. Thank U shall not be liable for any costs exceeding the value of this voucher. All expenses not expressly stated in the package description, including but not limited to, meals, ground transportation, passport and visa fees, security fees, taxes, insurance, gasoline or otherwise are the sole responsibility of the winner.
  6. No refunds or credits will be offered should the value of the travel be less than the value of the voucher. For example, if your voucher is worth R10 000 and your trip costs R8000, you will not receive a credit of R2000.
  7. Travel arrangements are between the winner and the travel agent and Thank U shall not be party thereto and in the event of any direct or indirect losses or damages resulting from the interaction between the travel agent and the winner, the winner acknowledges that Thank U shall not be held liable for such direct or indirect losses or damages.
  8. This offer is subject to availability and does not represent entitlement to book to travel on a specific route on a specific date. Once tickets are issued, they are non-endorsable and non-transferable. As with all tickets, arrangements are subject to availability and space is capacity controlled.
  9. Winner will be responsible for supplying valid passports where required. It is strongly recommended that travelers take out adequate travel insurance.
  10. The standard terms and conditions of the airlines, accommodation places and any other travel agent or their products booked with the voucher. Thank U shall not be held liable for any issues arising as a result of using the voucher when making the bookings.
  11. Thank U will not replace any lost or stolen tickets, travel vouchers or certificates.
  12. Club Travel has been appointed to facilitate the redemption of the holiday voucher. See Club Travel terms and conditions on

8. Additional rules for the Cellphones and Devices Prize

  1. In addition to the general and entry requirements, winners will also be notified by telephone to make collection arrangements. The winner shall advise the agent in which Edcon store they wish to collect the prize won.
  2. Winners will be notified by their selected store once the prize has been delivered to the elected store
  3. The prize includes the cellphone/device only and does not include a Sim card or airtime or any other vouchers. Thank U shall not be held liable for the loss, damage or any other costs related to the cellphone.
  4. The standard manufacturer warranties and guarantees will apply.

9. Additional rules for the Airtime Vouchers Prize

  1. Customers who win airtime vouchers will be sent a unique voucher code to the winning cellphone number via sms. That is the cellphone number recorded against your Thank U card.
  2. The voucher code must then be taken to your nearest Edgars, Jet, Edgars Active, Boardmans, CNA or Red Square store and redeemed for airtime or data vouchers.
  3. The winner shall be solely liable for airtime claimed in excess of the stated value of the voucher won.
  4. If you claim airtime or data that is less than the voucher value, you will not receive a credit or cash for the remaining value of the voucher.

10. Additional rules for the Electronic Edcon Vouchers Prize

  1. Customers who win electronic Edcon vouchers will be sent a unique voucher code to the winning cellphone number via sms. That is the cellphone number recorded against your Thank U card.
  2. The bearer of the Edcon shopping voucher (Voucher) may use the voucher to purchase merchandise from any participating Edcon Group Store.
  3. The Edcon shopping voucher is valid for a period of 3 (three) years from date of issue or upon full redemption thereof, whichever occurs earlier.
  4. The electronic voucher may not be:
    • – used for the payment of an Edcon account;
    • – exchanged in full or partially for cash; or
    • – used to purchase airtime.
  5. Electronic Voucher balances can be checked as follows:
    • – In-store at a till point; or
    • – Or by calling the Edcon Gift Card Call Centre on 0860 692 274 (SA Only).
  6. Should you not utilize the full value of your electronic voucher on your first purchase, the balance will be transferred to a physical gift card.
  7. The Electronic voucher cannot be topped up nor be SMS’d to someone else.
  8. Should the Electronic voucher be deleted or the Customer’s cellphone lost/stolen with the electronic voucher, Edcon will be not be liable for any reimbursement of any nature. You can call the Edcon Gift Card Call Centre on 0860 692 274 (SA Only) and the SMS can be resent to you, but only to the number the voucher was original sent to.
  9. The usage of the Electronic gift card is solely at the risk and discretion of the Winner.
  10. Thank U will not be held responsible for any cellular network service operator’s delay in forwarding an Electronic Gift Card to you.
  11. The Electronic gift card will only be accepted if a valid Electronic gift card number in SMS format is presented to the Cashier.

Additional rules for the Accounts balance clearance Prize

  1. In addition to the general and entry requirements, winners Edcon Accounts with a debit balance will be automatically cleared.
  2. Customers will be required to sign and return the prize acceptance form. The account will be automatically cleared prior to the receipt of this form.
  3. Customer who do not have an outstanding balance on their Thank U account card will receive a credit of R3000 which will be allocated to their Thank U account card. This credit can be used to make a purchase using the Thank U account card as payment.
* Edgars, Edgars Active, Edgars Connect, Red Square, Boardmans, Jet, Jet Mart, CNA, Calvin Klein, Dune, TM Lewin, Top Shop and Top Man.

** Or the equivalent thereof in the respective territory at the time of the draw.