The Thank U Rewards Programme is operated by Edcon Limited (“Edcon”) or its foreign subsidiaries in the respective countries. The relevant foreign Edcon subsidiaries are Edgars Stores Lesotho (Proprietary) Limited, Edgars Stores (Namibia) Limited, Edgars Stores Swaziland Limited, Jet Supermarkets Zambia Limited and Jet Supermarkets Botswana (Proprietary) Limited. Together with Edcon, they constitute the Edcon Group. All the Edcon Group stores, which excludes the Edcon Limitada (Mozambique), participate in the Thank U Rewards Programme (Participating Stores). Participating stores can be added or removed at the Edcon Group’s discretion and the Participating Stores may include third party outlets with which the Edcon Group has concluded relationship agreements (“Third Party Outlets”). The Thank U Rewards Programme rewards the Edcon Group customers with points (“Thank U Points”) provided they purchase all-inclusive products at the Participating Stores and present their Thank U Rewards Card at point-of-sale. In order for you to earn and redeem your Thank U points at any of the Participating Stores, the Edcon Group shall issue to you a Thank U Rewards Card which shall at all times remain the property of the Edcon Group. The Edcon Group will only market to you if you have expressly consented to receive marketing communication from us. If you chose not to receive marketing communication, we will not send to you our exciting offers, promotions and competitions. If you would like to apply for a the Thank U cash or account card, you will need to supply us with the required information at any service centre at any of the Edcon Group stores, online or through an Edcon call centre – including your name, surname, valid identity number or passport number, telephone or Cellphone contact number and email address. For Thank U account card applications requirements, please enquire in-store or online. If you apply online for an account card, this does not automatically mean that your application has been approved. You will receive confirmation of approval from our Financial Services team in this regard. In order to receive Thank U offers and promotions, it is your responsibility to ensure that your personal and contact details are correct at all times. You must inform us of any changes to your contact details by calling the Customer Services Care Line 0800 203 925** or visiting a Customer Service Desk or Service Centre in-store. The Edcon Group will not reimburse you with your Thank U Points that have been redeemed or verified due to lost, stolen or damaged cards. If you lose your card, report at any Edcon Group store Customer Services Counter or Service Centre or you must call the Call Centre on 0800 203 925**. We will replace your lost, stolen or damaged card free of charge. The Edcon Group reserves the right to terminate the Thank U Rewards Programme at any time, subject to a 30 (thirty) calendar days’ notice period. Should the Edcon Group terminate the Thank U Rewards Programme for any reason whatsoever, all members will be given an opportunity to spend their Loyalty Points within 6 (six) months from date of termination of the Thank U Rewards Programme. Your Thank U Account card cannot be used as a credit, or gift card. Thank U Points may not be used for account payments (which includes, but is not limited to, Club and/or Insurance fee payments), nor be exchanged for cash or credit; and no change will be given on Thank U Points redeemed and used as a trade discount against the purchase of goods. Thank U Points earned on one customer’s Thank U Rewards Card may not be sold or transferred to another customer’s Thank U Rewards Card. Abuse of the programme entitles the Edcon Group to cancel your membership and you will forfeit any rewards Thank U Points earned. The Edcon Group reserves the right to lay criminal charges for illegal or fraudulent use of the Thank U Rewards Card or Thank U Rewards Programme. Participating Stores in the Edcon Group may use your purchasing information in conjunction with information about you provided by third parties that Edcon has relationships with, for market and product analysis in order to generate statistical reports for internal and external use. These reports are aggregated and will not contain any personal information that identifies you. Third party companies that provide a service (including for example, website hosting and development) to the Edcon Group may access your personal information in the performance of their functions and they are not permitted to use such information for any other purposes. Please refer to our Privacy Policy at for further details regarding the kinds of personal information we collect, process and disclose. By entering into and participating in the Thank U Rewards program, you hereby give your consent for Edcon to share your information with a third party from time to time for benefit redemption purposes only. This information will not be used for marketing or advertising purposes by the third party. Edcon Group may, with your consent, use your personal information to conduct a credit bureau check for the potential purpose of offering you an Edcon Group Store Account Card if you do not already have one. Customers are only permitted to obtain one Thank U Rewards Card per territory and may only earn or redeem Thank U Points in the territory in which the Thank U Rewards Card was issued. The Edcon Group reserves the right to direct certain promotions to a specific target group/s only. (For example, Edgars may make specific offers available to certain Edgars customers only.) The same applies in respect of all other Edcon Group Participating Stores. The Thank U Rewards Card may only be used in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The Edcon Group reserves the right to make changes to the Thank U Rewards Programme and to amend these Terms and Conditions as and when they deem it necessary.


Thank U Points will be earned for purchases of all-inclusive products. To earn Thank U Points at any Participating Store, you must hand your Thank U Rewards Card to the cashier at the till point before you pay for your purchases. If a Thank U Rewards Card is not presented at the time of purchase, no Thank U Points will be earned for that purchase. Thank U Points lost or forfeited due to ‘card not present’ cannot be claimed retrospectively. The following specific conditions apply to online offers: the offer does not need to be printed out to be redeemed;
  1. You need to click on the “activate” button if you wish for the Thank U Points to be allocated to your account and purchase the selected product.
  2. If you click the “activate” button but don’t purchase the product, the Thank U Points will not be allocated.
  3. If you purchase the product but you have not clicked the “activate” button, the Thank U Points will not be allocated.
  4. You must go into a Participating Store and purchase the product on offer before the Thank U Points can be allocated to your account.
  5. If the product is returned, the Thank U Points will be reversed.
Certain products and channels are exempt from earning Thank U Points and the Edcon Group may amend these products or channels from time to time at their discretion. You will not earn Thank U Points on gift card purchases, gift card top-ups, airtime, cigarettes, baby formula, insurance products, payments for third party services – including but not limited to – utility bills and purchase of lottery tickets (unless otherwise stipulated). Purchases of third party partner products using a Thank U Account card are included in Thank U Points earning. Partners may be removed and added at the sole discretion of the Edcon Group. Visit our website for a full list of updated partners and their offers. Thank U Points can be earned in respect of some of our in-store concession brands, but not in respect of all. To avoid disappointment, please enquire with our sales staff. Base Thank U Points are earned on all-inclusive products at a rate of 10 (ten) Thank U Points per net SA Rand* spent. This applies for all tender types (cash, account, debit card, credit card, Gift card, cheque, charge card – Amex and Diners). (*NOTE: Or Namibian dollar/ Emalangeni /Loti). Thank U Points earned with Edgars Club or Jet Club partners may, in addition to these Terms & Conditions be subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Club partner concerned. Thank U Points will be reflected on your Thank U Rewards Account within 3 (three) working days of your purchase or 3 (three) working days after the offer expires. Customer may check their Loyalty Points balances in-store at the point-of-sale terminals, Customer Service desks, on Thank U Account statements, from the Call Centre by calling 0800 203 925** and online at In the event that we are unable to allocate Thank U Points to your Thank U Rewards Card due to system errors or downtime, please retain your proof of purchase so that these Loyalty Points can be allocated to you at a later stage. Please note that we will be unable to allocate these Loyalty Points at a later stage if you do not produce a valid proof of purchase.


You can start spending your points as soon as you start to earn them, you will be able to spend your Thank U Points by presenting your Thank U Rewards Card at the point-of-sale in Participating Stores and advising the cashier you wish to use your Loyalty Points as a trade discount against your cash or account purchase. Your Loyalty Points balance will be reduced by the equivalent value spent. Thank U Points can be redeemed in respect of some of our in-store concession brands, but not in respect of all. To avoid disappointment, please enquire with our sales staff. Certain products are exempt from redemption and the Edcon Group may amend this list from time to time at its discretion – you will not be able to spend your Thank U Points on gift card purchases, cigarettes, insurance products, payments for third party services – including but not limited to – utility bills and purchase of lottery tickets (unless otherwise stipulated) or account payments. From 1 May 2018, you will be able to redeem you thank U points for airtime purchased at participating Edcon stores in South Africa. Only airtime purchased from Edcon store till points. Thank U Points’ balances can be viewed online if you have registered on our website. Thank U Points may take up to 3 working days to reflect on the account. Redemption of Thank U Points is subject to online system availability.


The Edcon Group reserves the right to purge the Thank U Points on any Thank U Account that has been inactive (i.e. no Thank U Points earned or redeemed) for a period of 36 (thirty six) consecutive months. All Thank U Points earned but not redeemed within 36 (thirty six) months will be subject to automatic expiry. Thank U Points attached to a lost or damaged card can be transferred to your new card providing they have not been spent (due to theft or any other means) prior to reporting the lost/damaged card and obtaining a new, replacement card. This can be done in-store at the Customer Services counter in participating stores. Thank U Points earned for transactions where goods are later returned, will be deducted from your Thank U Points balance on your Thank U Rewards Account. Thank U Points balances on delinquent accounts or account arrears will not be available for redemption or spend until such time as the account arrears have been settled in full. You may cancel your membership of the programme at any time by calling our Customer Services Care Line on 0800 203 925**. When exiting the programme you will forfeit any Thank U Points already earned but not yet redeemed. Upon death of a Member, written notification must be provided to the Edcon Group, upon receipt of which the account will be closed and the Thank U Points forfeited. This can be done at the Customer Services counter in-store.


Edcon Limited (“Edcon”) and Engen Petroleum Ltd (“Engen”) have partnered to offer all qualifying Thank U cardholders the opportunity to earn Thank U points when filling up with petrol or diesel at participating Engen QuickShop service stations (the “Promotion”). You will only be able to earn Thank U points when swiping your active and qualifying Thank U card or Edcon staff card at participating Engen 1-Plus and 1-Stop service stations. You will earn 100 Thank U points per litre of petrol or diesel purchased. You will not be able to:
  1. Use your Thank U card for payments of any kind at a participating Engen 1-Plus or 1-Stop service station.
  2. Use Thank U points to pay for petrol or diesel.
  3. Earn Thank U points on any other products, other than the purchase of petrol or diesel at a participating Engen 1-Plus or 1-Stop service station.
  4. Earn Thank U points on cancelled cards.
  5. Earn Thank U points on duplicated transactions.
  6. Earn Thank U points when using Engen pre-paid cards, gift cards and gift vouchers.
  7. Earn Thank U points when making payment with commercial fleet cards.
  8. Earn Thank U points for transactions at an Engen service station outside of South Africa.
Thank U points may take up to seven 7 working days to reflect in your points balance. You will only earn Thank U points on completed and successful petrol or diesel purchases at a participating Engen 1-Plus or 1-Stop service station. Edcon shall not be party to any dispute that may arise between yourself and Engen. Edcon and Engen shall neither be held liable where your Thank U card has been counterfeited and Thank U points used. It remains the responsibility of the card holder to ensure that the card is kept safe and to remain vigilant when it is being used. Lost or Stolen cards must be reported to Edcon immediately. The following limitations apply to the swiping of a Thank U card at an Engen QuickShop Service Station. Transactions in excess of the below limits will only be excluded:
  1. Swiping at the same Engen site more than 3 (three) times in a 24 (twenty four) hour period.
  2. Swiping more than 2 (two) times in an hour.
  3. Filling for more than 200 (two hundred) litres in a 24 hour period.
  4. Swiping at more than 4 (four) sites per day.
Any Thank U points earned due to fraudulent or criminal based activities will be reversed post an investigation which will be initiated with relevant authorities. This Promotion will start on 15 October 2017. However, Edcon and Engen reserves the right to extend or cancel this Promotion or change any of these terms and conditions at any time and with reasonable notice on our public platforms. To confirm if a site is participating in this Promotion, kindly visit


This offer will be valid until 31 March 2021. Edgars Club VIP and Life members will earn an additional 50 thank U points per litre of fuel filled at participating Engen sites. Therefore, an Edgars Club VIP or Life member will receive 150 points per litre of fuel. Your Edgars Club VIP or Life membership must be in active status at the time of points earned and allocated. The standard process to earn points will apply. You are only required to swipe your thank U account card before paying for fuel to earn the additional points. The thank U card used, must be the thank U account card which your Club VIP or Club Life membership is linked in order to earn the additional points. This offer may be amended or removed at any time and at the sole discretion of Edcon Standard thank U terms and conditions apply.

Better-U Thank U Short Course Promotion Terms and Conditions

  1. By entering this promotion, participants agree to abide by the rules and conditions of the promotion.
  2. The Participant consents to participate in any marketing activity or to have their image or name used by Edcon for the purposes of this promotion.
  3. The participant acknowledges that he/she has been given enough time to read these terms and conditions.
  4. Only valid thank U cardholders who have spent more than R200 between 1 June 2019 and 29 February 2020 qualify.
  5. Valid thank U cardholders will have access to 1 course for every R200 spent in an Edcon store.
  6. Entrants must be 18 (eighteen) years of age or older to enter this competition.
  7. Only purchases made in an Edcon store will qualify i.e. Edgars, Edgars Home, Edgars Beauty or Jet store.
  8. For verification purposes the participant will be required to provide their name, surname, cellphone and thank U card number (16-digit cash card number or 19-digit thank U account card number).
  9. Once a participant has spent the required R200 they will need to access the short courses via
  10. To redeem the free course a unique access code will be sent to you through site.
  11. The unique access codes are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for their cash value.
  12. Course unique access codes may only be redeemed once.
  13. Course codes are valid until March 2020
  14. Qualifying purchases take up to 5 working days to reflect therefore access to the better U courses will only be available up to 5 days after the qualifying purchase.
  15. It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure that his or her details are correct. Edcon will not be held liable in any way relating to incorrect information provided.
  16. Edcon shall not be liable for any other expenses incurred by the participants in participating in the promotion or any costs associated with the selected course.
  17. Sponsoring parties are not liable or responsible for any or all losses, rights, claims and actions in connection with, or resulting from, participating in the competition or accepting the prizes.
  18. Promoter: Edcon Limited, 1 Press Avenue, Crown Mines, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  19. Standard thank U Terms & Conditions apply and can be viewed at
  20. Standard Boston Connect Terms & Conditions apply.